Natural Tuna Di Angela 1/4

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Natural Tuna Di Angela 1/4

Take a trip to the sea and discover our unmissable DI ANGELA 1/4 Natural Tuna in a can. A delicious Listao tuna in pieces, ready to be served, which will perfectly match all dishes, pies, sandwiches, rice and salads thanks to its tenderness and the delicacy of its flavour. Moreover, its 1/4 size with easy opening, makes it more practical and manageable !

Don’t hesitate to try its other formats: DI ANGELA Natural Tuna 1/2, DI ANGELA Natural Tuna 4/4, Tuna in Pocket 650g and Tuna in Pocket 1Kg. Or change your taste and discover DI ANGELA Oil Tuna !

Packaging and palletizing

Can of 185g

48 cans per box

Pallet of 90 boxes

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